Kosub Transmissions China Grove Texas
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Gerald Kosub Transmissions, Inc.



Gerald Kosub 1984Kosub 1996Gerald Kosub 1996After working with transmissions since 1981, Gerald, and his wife, Donna, opened Gerald Kosub Transmission Service in 1996 in the city of China Grove on Highway 87.

They began with one employee. Soon, their expertise in the transmission industry and honest business practices caught the attention of many in the community and their business thrived.

During the last 19 years, the shop has tripled in size and has maintained seven full time employees.

The American Dream starts with God, family, hard work, long hours and to be blessed with good employees. Gerald Kosub Transmission has also been greatly blessed with over 30,000 customers to date in the last 20 years utilizing Gerald and our employees 100+ accumulative years in the industry.