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China Grove Transmission Repairs

We have focused on a specialty in the automotive industry, the Automatic Transmission. It’s a very complex part of your automobile that is constantly evolving. It takes a special dedication to our jobs to keep up with the ever changing technology but is very satisfying. We are one of the most qualified shops to help you with your automatic transmission needs.

-Gerald & Donna Kosub, Founders and Owners of Gerald Kosub Transmission Service, Inc.

Our Mission

Our services are based on a positive attitude, professionalism and workmanship, with top quality materials for your transmission repairs. We pride ourselves on teamwork, respect, and a mutual commitment to high standards. Our company is supported by many experienced technicians as well as a very knowledgeable and loyal office staff. Together, we offer the best in customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

No Obligation, Initial Inspection

snap on tool Solus
We will test drive your vehicle to feel the issue, check fluid level, and give you our opinion of your transmission problem at no cost. Our shop provides the latest and greatest scan testing technology in order to determine what is actually going on with your transmission. Almost all transmission since 1992 are fully electronic which makes electrical diagnosing a necessity when properly fixing a transmission problem.

Fast, Prompt Service

China Grove Transmission Services
We have all the specialty equipment in our shop needed to perform your transmission rebuild. We stock all parts we need for our most popular autos and trucks.