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Kosub Transmission Service Inc

Gerald Kosub Transmission Service Inc. San Antonio Transmission Repair

Gerald Kosub Transmission Service Inc. San Antonio Transmission Repair

Gerald Kosub Transmission Service Inc. San Antonio Transmission RepairGerald Kosub Transmission Service Inc. San Antonio Transmission Repair
Rebuilt Transmission

Transmission Rebuilding In San Antonio



The key to a successful transmission repair or rebuild is properly diagnosing the problem. We perform multiple tests to get a cost-effective solution for each customer.

1. A full vehicle scan test to check for trouble codes and review recent data that had occurred when the problem first happened.

2. Perform a transmission oil gauge pressure test to check for low hydraulic pressures.

3. Test drive (if possible) with scan tool to confirm the customer’s driveability complaints. 

4.Drop the transmission pan to get a visual inspection of metallic debris in the pan and sometimes test electrical components individually solenoids, switches, pressure control solenoids and internal wiring harnesses. 

After the diagnostics are complete we will know what procedure is needed for the customer’s transmission. 

First, the transmission is removed from the vehicle and taken to the rebuilding room. Once completely dismantled, we can see the extent of the damage and what led up to the transmission’s failure. All parts are cleaned, inspected and a working list is made of materials needed to rebuild the transmission. 

Next the reassembly procedure begins by installing new hard parts, pressing in new bushings and seals, reassembling clutch packs and replacing bearings. These sub-assemblies are placed into a high pressure cleaned transmission case and torqued to specification. Valve bodies get cleaned and re-built with new solenoids or replaced with new complete assemblies. The units are air pressure checked for proper operation. 

Now with the rebuild complete, the transmission cooler and lines are flushed with a Hot Flush machine to guarantee a sterile system. The transmission is installed with a high-quality rebuilt torque converter and filled with a fully synthetic fluid.

Lastly, we scan and road test the vehicle while monitoring the transmission’s performance on the scan tool data stream. Finally the vehicle goes back onto the lift for a visual inspection and quality control before being returned to the customer.

Honest and Reliable Service Since 1996

A clean work environment makes for a quality transmission rebuild.  All re-built transmission are done in house by our highly trained builders.